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Ok, CONduit scheduling here, We are going to be getting a much earlier start and brainstorming is underway already. If you have panel suggestions, start sending them in, we'll be making a list.

For the record, CONduit is NOT a writing convention, it is a general interest SF&F Genre convention, including books, TV, movies, art, writing, costuming, music, etc. If you are looking specifically for a Writing Symposium/Convention, I strongly recommend that you look at Life the Universe and Everything down in Utah County in February.

Also... I want to apologize to all of our professionals and panelists.

I picked up a mess at much too late a date and I know that the communication wasn't what it could/should have been. Please forgive me me and CONduit. We will do better this year. Also, please take the First call scheduling post as "We want to have you come talk about your books and imaginations, not necessarily the technical workings of your profession..."

Artist Wanted

I saw a really cute idea and I would like to see if any of our artist friends could help me make it a reality. CONduit needs a little mascot. A little character that we can redraw each year to fit the theme of the convention. It'll be the same little character every year, but his costuming would change each year.


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