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CONduit Game Day

This year we are please to announce that we will be holding our 2nd annual CONduit Game Day. On November 1st we will be gathering for a day of intrigue, excitement, and adventure. Whether you enjoy a great board game like descent or, a want to try out an RPG like Call of Cthulhu, Game Day is the place to enjoy it with friends from years past, and to make new friends.

Here is the location information about Game Day.

Upcoming CONcom

The countdown has started. C25 is likely less then a year away. We are looking for input into many aspects of CONduit. Join us each month as we progress toward CONduit 25: There and Back Again.

May CONcom Minutes

Westercon events
Micro-short story contest - George
Dresden Files LARP Playtest - Erin
SLC Fandom/Con going in the mountains 101 - Erin, Pam, John
Ice Cream Social - Cheryl
Room Party - everyone
MtG Tourney - Derek

CONduit title for Westercon - An Unexpected Journey

Hotel 2015 - Doubletree Memorial Day weekend?

Guests 2015 - Tentative yes, need to confirm once hotel and Date are nailed down
Brandon Sanderson
Larry Nemececk
Gaming and/or Artist - brainstorm